The last few weeks have been exhausting and I’ve used everything in my wheelhouse to stay centered.

Tomorrow starts a week of family, the beach, humid days, 11am mimosas, wild horses, sleeping in and puppies.

I use this blog to remind myself of the good things. The next seven days should be a flood of them.

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"Opening for Teen and based out of Bethel, CT, loom grew from the songwriting of guitarist Danielle Capalbo. The full ensemble consists of her brother, Willis Touri also on guitar, Ashley Kenney on bass, and drummer Jared Thompson (Spectral Fangs). The end result is some excellent chemistry. You’d have no idea that Capalbo and her brother hadn’t yet even jammed together for the first time at the start of 2014. As a quartet, they produce a sound that unites dream pop and garage rock. They’ll have an EP on the way later this year. It is also worth noting that while Touri has an amazing handle on his guitar, he is only 19 and I can see him growing even stronger."

Matt Esposito at NeatBeet. deeply proud of what we’re weaving together in loom. (via daniprobably)

Yes. Yesyesyes.


some quotes about kindness, compassion and the value of carrying an open heart that I made with Random Compassion Fest in mind. I hope to see you there! 

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